Jin from BTS could be Jungkook’s trainer and Jimin isn’t in the army? big comments

Following speculation in the South Korean media about Jin, BTS, Jungkook’s teacher, and Jimin’s army, BIGHIT commented on the matter That’s it, you didn’t read it wrong! GinFrom BTS, one can become a trainer jungkook And jimin The two idols were shot during military training, the second information was released in South Korean newspaper Ilgan … Read more

TikTokers Indonesia Bagikan Momon Datik-Datic Video Call with Jungkook BTS

Selasa, November 21, 2023 – 04:32 WIB Korea Selaton – TikTokers Bianca Karthika Menjadi Salah Satu fans need to share videos with idolnya. Bianca Merupakan Fans Berat Boy Group BTS Terutama Dengan Anggota Termudanya Yakni Jungkook. Baru-baru ini, bianca memenangkan hadiya fankol setela membeli album terbaru jungkuk levat platform waivers. I must remember that we … Read more

BTS: Jungkook can answer you live on iHeartRadio and so you can participate: Dates and links to watch ‘Most Requested Live’, I Heart Radio | bts

BTS: Jungkook to participate in iHeartRadio’s ‘Most Requested Live’ Photo: Rachana LR/BIGHIT/iHeartRadio After confirming that Taehyung will be fulfilling a BTS fan’s dream in ‘Dingo Story’, ARMYs have a new opportunity to get close to their favorite artists once again. On Sunday, August 27, BIGHIT record company announced that Jungkook would be answering fans’ questions … Read more

bts | Jungkook shows off his abs and challenges the ARMY to reach 10 million LIVE. bts, singer, jungkook, suga, ‘suchvita’ ep 15 | bts

BTS’s Jungkook shows off his abs at Suga’s request. Photo: LR/BIGHIT Creations/YouTube Screenshot The BTS members continue with their individual promos during the group break. this is the case jungkook, who recently went solo with the release of the song ‘Seven’. After performing in front of his ARMY fans in concert in New York, the … Read more