James Gunn Batman talks about his Facebook post against Grupo Milenio

James Gunn is one of Most recognized director in Hollywood, His stellar work in superhero movies, especially Guardians of the Galaxy, has won him the hearts of Marvel fans. That is why DC Comics did not hesitate to appoint him as the person in charge of building the new universe. Film of the iconic heroes … Read more

From “Batman” to “Suicide Squad”: the evolution of Harley Quinn and what we expect from Lady Gaga | joker 2 | Joker | Joaquin Phoenix | SKIP-INTRO

It doesn’t matter who plays Harley Quinn, because her fans love any of her shapes and colors. For years, DC has presented different versions of the Joker’s girlfriend. The best known is the interpretation of Margot Robbie in “Suicide Squad”, but other accents of the demented harlequin also worked in series and animated films. Most … Read more

15 years after the departure of Heath Ledger: the details behind the death of one of the greatest talents of recent times

Venice Film Festival, 2007. Hollywood star, Heath Ledger, comments that he is interested in making a documentary about Nick Drake, a British artist who died at the age of 26 from an overdose of antidepressants. No one knew that it was a terrible premonition. The Australian actor had achieved absolute fame and was barely 28 … Read more