50 Cent, Condemned For Throwing His Microphone And Hitting A Woman While Acting

Newsroom/Telesync Newsroom,gonzalo barquilla 08/31/2023 5:34 pm Rapper 50 Cent, condemned for throwing microphone in public at a concert and hitting a womanGetty Images american rapper 50 CentThe 48-year-old has been declared a criminal assault suspect in the police report. The singer was performing a concert in Los Angeles this Wednesday when something bothered him dropped … Read more

Bradley Cooper, On His Addictions: “I’m So Lucky, I’ve Been Sober For 19 Years”

Daniel Brito Luzardo 08/23/2023 at 11:19 pm Bradley CooperGetty Images Bradley Cooper He has always been jealous about his privacy and has always tried to focus on his professional side. However, over the years there has been one aspect that he doesn’t mind speaking plainly: Two decades ago he got addicted to drugs and alcohol … Read more

Five myths about allergies we’ve come to believe

AllergiesBoth respiration and diet are the order of the day. Anyone who is not allergic to dust mites or dust is allergic to certain foods such as shellfish. Although until a few years ago allergies They were primarily associated with the youngest in the household.the reality is that every time they are more adults who … Read more

Hailee Steinfeld, actress of ‘Hawkeye’, sends encouragement to Jeremy Renner

Newsroom/Telecinco newsroom/Gonzalo Barquilla 04/01/2023 11:16 p.m. Hailee Steinfeld, co-star of ‘Hawkeye’, to Jeremy Renner: “Thank God you’re healing”Getty Images american actress Hailee Steinfeld26 years old, has wanted send this wednesday a message of cheer up to its co-star of ‘Hawk Eye‘, Jeremy Renner, who suffered last Sunday a serious accident with his snowplow on his … Read more

What athletes have been parents by surrogacy?

four sports/Sarah Calzada 03/29/2023 12:37 p.m. Cristiano Ronaldo posing with his newborn children@Christian The controversy with the maternity of Ana Obregón has reopened the debate on surrogacy in society. Magazine HELLO I took it out exclusively and opinions about it followed one another. But she has not been the only one who has resorted to … Read more