Bruno Valdez says goodbye to América and unloads against Tano Ortiz

Valdez’s discharge to Ortiz after his departure from America January 10, 2023 7:26 p.m. Bruno Valdez finally said goodbye to América in the middle of some heartfelt words, however, he launched a charge against Fernando Ortiz, coach of the Azulcrema team, who did not give him his vote of confidence in the team and in … Read more

They make a corridor for Bruno Valdez at the Azteca StadiumMediotiempo

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 01.07.2023 17:38:21 Bruno Valdezthe Paraguayan defender that today can be presumed as the top scorer defense in the history of America with 27 annotations, and after the announcement that will no longer be with Eagleswas presented at the Aztec stadium to leave through the front door, with a tribute included … Read more

It is a fact! Bruno Valdez leaves America and his new destination is already known – Fox Sports

Bruno Valdez will not continue as a player America for him Closing 2023 and only the club’s announcement is needed to confirm the departure of the Guarani. According to information from our reporter Carlos Rodrigo Hernandezthe defender with the most goals in the history of the Azulcrema team, whose contract ends in June 2023, continue … Read more

Bruno Valdez “gets hooked” with Andrés Vaca for his departure from AméricaMediotiempo

Editorial Mediotiempo CDMX. / 01.03.2023 21:47:56 He didn’t like it at all! Bruno Valdezfor the moment, central defense of the eagles of americadid not hesitate to answer Andres VacaTUDN announcer, after he unveiled his supposed exit of the bluecream squad. The element of the media shared that those from Coapa “took a long time” to … Read more