Ponsonby mourns Lasagne, Buddy, Oscar and ‘Ed Sheeran’ – the ginger cat who loved Prego

Ponsonby’s famously spirited cat – the cat who loved to hang out in bars, restaurants, pharmacies and law firms – has died. Ponsonby businesses are mourning one of their most colorful customers. A famous ginger cat – known as Lasagne, Ed Sheeran, Oscar and Buddy – had to be euthanized on Sunday. “Rest in peace, … Read more

Man gets never-before-seen infection after cat bite – Metro World News

By Karen August 9, 2023 at 10:22 pm. An interesting case came to light in an investigation recently published in the journal emerging infectious diseases, It was a 48-year-old British man who was bitten by a stray cat and left with “painful” swelling on his hands and “widespread” infection caused by a previously unknown bacteria. … Read more