The talented young man who shines on the big screen

Born on September 3, 2003 in Los Angeles, California, jack dylan grazer He started his acting career at an early age. His first major role came in 2017 when he played Eddie Kaspbrak in the Stephen King film adaptation, object, Her performance in this horror film not only brought her fame but also earned her … Read more

Was a live-action Moana really necessary?

On April 3, 2023, it was announced on social networks that Disney is already in the process of creating the Moana live actionan animated film released in 2016 that shows the daughter of the leader of an island, whose connection to the sea will be the key to the survival of her people, and although … Read more

Jessica Chastain to star in a new horror movie on Netflix

Jessica Chastain has become one of the renowned actresses in Hollywood, and this March 24, 2023 the Oscar winner is turning 46. In the midst of the height of her career, Chastain has been selected by Netflix to star I Am Not Alone (I’m Not Alone), a story by Reddit writer “NoSleep.” The plot of … Read more

Is She Hulk really the best superhero out there? This is what the critics say

A few months ago we told you here at MUNDIARIO about the Critics Choice Super Awards, a kind of Oscars for the most popular categories for the public: action, horror, science fiction and superheroes. Thus, held in mid-March 2023, the award recognized Tatiana Maslany as Best Actress in a Superhero Serieswhich triggered the annoyance of … Read more