Appetite controlling infusion that will help you lose weight without dieting

Infusions have become popular accompaniments in Spain for segments of the population that previously did not consume them or consumed them only occasionally. For example, immediate access to detailed information about their benefits has led many young people to consider them over other beverages. Like coffee, or at least consuming it together with the famous … Read more

“Unchecked climate change could lead to higher incidence of cancer”

Juan Fueyo, an Asturian scientist who has lived in Houston (USA) for 25 years, has a new book. And this is not just any book. In ‘When the World Stops’ (Ediciones B) he analyzes cancer from all angles, with an optimistic outlook and the belief that knowing and talking about it will help us all. … Read more

Panama presents achievements in the fight against tuberculosis

Speaking at the high-level meeting of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly on Health, the official highlighted the National Strategic Plan for Tuberculosis Control 2023-2027, which aims to reduce deaths from the disease by 75 per cent. That program also aims to reduce the incident rate by 50 percent compared to 2015, he said. Berrios … Read more

An article by Luis Beltrán, I am in favor of legalizing prostitution

i am in favor of legalizing prostitutionAntonio loves Prostitution is the oldest trade in the world, which has been practiced in all civilizations. It doesn’t matter if you live in a capitalist or communist country, these sex services have always existed and will continue to exist. i read that in my country 300,000 to 400,000 … Read more

control high blood pressure in pregnancy

Were you diagnosed with gestational hypertension? Rest, but don’t neglect yourself either. This can lead to preeclampsia which can cause serious health problems for the mother and the baby. It affects the placenta, kidneys, liver, brain and blood systems of the mother. gynecologist eduardo mera explains that the disease can cause the placenta to detach … Read more