Covid vaccines can change your menstrual cycle

Menstrual changes and the COVID vaccine: What’s the connection? (Getty Images) ((Getty Images)) I have taken birth control pills regularly for most of my adult life, so my periods have been infrequent. So imagine my surprise, when in December 2021, I had menstruation and unbearable menstrual cramps. It was so unusual that I went to … Read more

Vaccination against Covid and flu begins in Grenada

Starting this Monday, new vaccines against coronavirus and flu are being jointly administered in Grenada. The campaign began with people over 85, nursing home users and people with disabilities, and health and social-health workers. As reported by the Andalusian Vaccination Plan (Andavac), the list will gradually be opened to the rest of the vulnerable groups. … Read more

Who can make an appointment and how to request one

For this 2023-2024 campaign, the Health Ministry has purchased 805,500 doses of flu vaccines, which this year include those recommended for children aged six to 59 months and smokers. In case of institutional people, It will be administered by health professionals from each health region of Castilla y León, who will go to these institutions … Read more

Sanchez, Junqueras…what’s happening with COVID infections?

The government president, Pedro Sánchez, and the ERC’s top leader, Oriol Junqueras, both recently had to suspend their agendas because they became infected. covid, These are two examples of a situation that monitoring reports also confirm: cases have increased this summer. In the opinion of experts consulted by ABC, a completely normal situation SARS-CoV-2 It … Read more

Post covid diseases | Food poisoning and scabies outbreaks resurface after Covid restrictions are lifted

Masks, quarantines, social distancing, confinement, frequent hand-washing, less social contact… many more varied restrictions were implemented – and self-imposed – to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, measures that eventually tried to control others as well. Worked diseases, especially respiratory. However, the progressive abolition of these precautions has also been an important factor in the reproduction … Read more