What are the benefits of drinking ginger and turmeric tea every morning?

Coffee with toast and muffins is one of the The most common breakfast in Spain, but there are also people who prefer healthier alternatives and have switched to tea. And this is it, Coffee has many properties, but according to nutritionists, it is also important to control its intake. And, there is still an option … Read more

Infusion to lose weight: weight loss properties of lavender infusion

There are many of us who choose one balanced diet To lose a few kilos or at least maintain an ideal weight. To achieve this, there are some extracts that speed up our metabolism and can help you achieve this, like cardamom tea or cool lemon and calendula extracts, both of which have slimming properties. … Read more

Do you have cellulite? Know the drink that will help you get over it

Do you have cellulite? Know the drink that will help you get over itDay As the end of summer draws near and, therefore, the holidays for many, we realize that The excesses we have committed in our spare time. Enjoying summer and nice weather, in many cases, go hand in hand A few extra kilos … Read more

What would happen if we drank a glass of beer every day?

This browser does not support the video element. This is how drinking beer on a daily basis affects healthATLAS AGENCY/Photo: EFE beer It is one of the most consumed beverages in Spain, so much so that it has become a country with an authentic beer culture and one of the regions in the world where … Read more

Cardi B throws a microphone at a viewer who spilled a drink on her

go to a live performance normally an expertise the place enjoyable and leisure reign supreme. Music, dance, jumps or screams of emotion are the protagonists of any present of this sort worthy of consideration. But, as with every little thing, there are additionally exceptions, and you might have a nasty expertise watching your favourite artist … Read more

What is it for and how to drink pineapple and cinnamon tea?

The mixture between the peel of the fruit and cinnamon can provide great health benefits. The pineapple tea with cinnamon It is a delicious drink that can provide many health benefits. The fruit peel has a high magnesium content, which plays a very important role in the metabolic functioning of our body; since it helps … Read more