“With Miley, my medical treatment will cost more than my salary. “How will I eat?”

It is a hot, gray Monday afternoon. Mirta, 44, waits with a blue folder full of documents next to the entrance to the pneumonia area of ​​’Muniz’, the metropolitan public hospital in Buenos Aires city that specializes in infectious diseases. Her husband, Gustavo, is in the last stages of his recovery, after two months of … Read more

Murcia Elections – Movies I An electoral campaign worthy of a movie in the Region of Murcia

An electoral campaign worthy of a movie in the Region of MurciaIT ladies and gentlemen of Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video and even filming: pay attention if you are looking for talent for your companies, because in the Region of Murcia overflows. See if not the posters of the election campaign deployed throughout the … Read more

Ramos Mejía: the story of Carolina Cerisola, the dancer who succeeds in Hollywood

Carolina Cerisola has lived in the United States for more than 20 years. Far away from her remain the first years of her life in Haedo and her childhood in Ramos Mejia, in the western suburbs, where he grew up. However, one of the various tattoos that mark her skin is clear: “Made in Argentina.” … Read more