Jenna Ortega, Christine Baranski celebrate Thom Browne’s 20th anniversary – WWD

In honor of his 20th anniversary, Thom Browne gathered friends for a celebratory dinner at The Grill on Monday evening. Naturally, the occasion called for its best Thom Browne, and the guests did not disappoint. Jordan Roth reached into her wardrobe and recreated a part of her Met Gala 2022 look, which was largely underneath … Read more

Eye diseases and their relation to systemic diseases

many diseases that affect Vision are limited to eyesuch is the case with pathology myopiaThe waterfall And this eye disease, Many others, however, are secondary manifestations or complications of other diseases and their treatments. This session aims to highlight some of the many intersections between general medicine, frontier research Ophthalmology, many of the distortions we … Read more

AI helps patients undergoing LASIK before cataract surgery

While millions of people around the world have undergone LASIK eye surgery, many of them develop cataracts later in life and require new corrective lenses implanted in their eyes. In a study published in the ‘Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery’,… While millions of people around the world have had LASIK eye surgery, many of … Read more

Photos Most beautiful and sexiest actresses in the world in 2023: the definitive list

Eye! The surprising list of the most beautiful actresses in the world in 2023SD In cinema, beauty has always been one of the most important factors in capturing the public’s attention. Both in Hollywood and in Spain, there are actresses who have stood out for their impressive beauty, their acting talent, and their success in … Read more

Hailee Steinfeld, actress of ‘Hawkeye’, sends encouragement to Jeremy Renner

Newsroom/Telecinco newsroom/Gonzalo Barquilla 04/01/2023 11:16 p.m. Hailee Steinfeld, co-star of ‘Hawkeye’, to Jeremy Renner: “Thank God you’re healing”Getty Images american actress Hailee Steinfeld26 years old, has wanted send this wednesday a message of cheer up to its co-star of ‘Hawk Eye‘, Jeremy Renner, who suffered last Sunday a serious accident with his snowplow on his … Read more