Saul Ortiz threatened by Shakira fans: “She has already been informed to the police”

team 09/24/2023 8:25 pm Saul Ortiz on the set of ‘Fiesta’ These fans’ threats to Saul Ortiz: “Shut up, idiot, I hope I see you on the street and break your face” Emma Garcia encourages Saul Ortiz to go to the police: “You have to report it” As has become the custom, Shakira have taken … Read more

Health Risks and Benefits

matias candeiramadrid 08/27/2023 08:00 am One of the most popular neck fan models on Amazon.QB Excessive heat Named after the Greek myth, suffocation, SweatOverwhelmed… all these words are really familiar to us during the summer This has a brutal effect on our fatigue. Record temperatures have completely melted our bodies and souls in several consecutive … Read more

Taylor Swift flees bar amid chaos from fans; I Was Celebrating A Friend’s Wedding – El Sol De Mexico

With the intention of taking a few days off after finishing their concerts in the United States, Taylor Swift was forced to survive an incident The arrival of is personally important to him hundreds of his fans. living in a bar in new jersey, Swifties started pouring out of the place and crowding the surrounding … Read more

Ed Sheeran pauses his show to make a touching announcement

Ed Sheeran interrupted the show to reveal the gender of a fan couple’s baby. Other news: Katy Perry reveals why she hasn’t released new material famous singer Ed Sheeran While on tour with their band +–=÷x, however, this August 5 they played a show at Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium that impressed fans. The artist was … Read more

Bad Bunny regrets throwing a fan’s cellular phone

The artist assures that he didn’t throw it within the water and the girl retains it. He additional mentioned that the photographs have been taken out of context. Bad Bunny prevented speaking about his private life. Photo: EFE unhealthy bunny He insisted this week that recordings exhibiting him snatching a fan’s cellular phone had been … Read more