Jennifer Lopez, 54, takes a break from high heels and wears flats with a figure-concealing maxi dress in Hollywood…after sharing beauty secrets

Glamazon Jennifer Lopez usually heads out on the town in sky-high eight-inch platform heels. But on Wednesday, the 54-year-old Bronx native went for a much more low-key look as she was seen in basic black flat shoes. Her thin clothes also disappeared as she wore a mocha-latte beige figure-hugging maxi dress with multiple layers of … Read more

Why is it more dangerous to have high blood pressure at night?

Juan Garcia Garridomadrid 10/28/2023 At 06:00. Blood pressure measurement.SEMG high blood pressureIs known high blood pressure, is a common health problem that affects millions of people around the world. It is often considered a significant risk factor for heart disease and other health complications. However, you may not know that the time of day at … Read more

Gal Gadot leads a high-impact, high-risk spy story

popular israeli actress girl gadotHaving gained international fame after playing Wonder Woman for the DC Cinematographic Universe, she continues her journey as a figurehead in the action genre with “Agent Stone,” a film in which she stars alongside Northern Irishman Jamie Dornan. Starring and which can already be seen on the streaming platform Netflix. Written … Read more

How To Lower High Cholesterol Naturally With Garlic And Lemon

It is an easy tea to make and very beneficial for our health. Family and social gathering is the order of the day. Therefore, it is very important look after our cholesterol level “enemy within” It concerns us all and affects many of us. Globally, statistics suggest that approximately 30 percent of the adult population … Read more

How To Lose Excess Weight And Get More Profitability

Health diagnostic equipment and the most advanced breeding techniques make it possible to significantly improve herd efficiency. Feeding more calves, which are heavier and therefore more profitable, is the aim of every cattle farmer and was also the main objective of a technical update session held this week by the Biogenesis Bago laboratory in Rural … Read more

Obesity, defined as a “chronic disease” by national experts

More than 285 internists have gathered at the XVII Meeting of the Diabetes, Obesity and Nutrition Group of the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI), where they have analyzed the main diagnostic and therapeutic novelties in the fields of study of the working group (diabetes, obesity and nutrition) … More than 285 … Read more

three natural infusions to regulate blood sugar levels

Some natural medicine specialists recommend certain herbs to treat different diseases. The insulin It is a hormone known as glucose that is responsible for carrying blood sugar to the cells that provide energy to the body. However, when someone suffers from hyperglycemia you have high blood sugar levels, meaning your body does not produce enough … Read more