‘Ballerina’, the spin off of ‘John Wick’ starring Ana de Armas, already has a release date

Written in ENTERTAINMENT he 4/9/2023 04:00 a.m. The John Wick saga is now expanding with the announcement of a spin off movie titled “Ballerina”, which will be starred by the Spanish-Cuban actress Ana de Armas. The project is still in development after the recent arrival in theaters around the world of “John Wick 4”. What … Read more

Confirmed! Ana de Armas will star in the John Wick spin-off and there is already a release date

Yes sirs! As was speculated there will be john wick for a while. They have just announced the release date of the spin-off of the franchise and it was confirmed that Ana de Armas will be your hero. This new production receives the name of ballerina, one of the characters that appeared in the third … Read more

Ballerina with Ana de Armas as the protagonist already has a release date

Los Angeles, Apr 6 (Prensa Latina) The American film Ballerina, the spin-off of the John Wick saga starring Cuban actress Ana de Armas, will be released on June 7, 2024, its producers reported. After shooting in Prague, the film will be presented worldwide one year and three months after the fourth part of John Wick, … Read more

John Wick 4 grosses $73.5 million in the US

The fourth film of this contract killer surpassed his previous installments in terms of first-weekend theatrical earnings Keanu Reeves He is one of the favorite action actors of many, since the saga of john wick It has given him international fame, raising millions of fans around the world, for this reason, part number four was … Read more

John Wick: Every Movie From Worst To Best, According To Critics

Action cinema in Hollywood has a long tradition of action films that dates back to its origins, in such a way that some historians consider that the short film Assault and robbery of a train from 1903 is the first action film. The film follows a band of outlaws who hold up and rob a … Read more

This is the condition that Keanu Reeves puts to make ‘Speed ​​3’

In 1994, Jack Traven was one of the first roles of Keanu Reeves as an action hero. In Speedthe screenwriter Graham Yost I had conceived of this Los Angeles agent as a “maverick braggart”but Reeves wasn’t comfortable with that and asked the uncredited screenwriter (one Joss Whedon) to change it. The character became “the polite … Read more