PHOTOS: This Is How BTS’ Jungkook Flirted With a TikToker and Made the Army Jealous

after the success ofSeven“, song by South Korean singer jean jungkookMany users on the social network have tried to perform the choreography, but only a few have been able to do it perfectly. However, recently South Korean TikToker hyda Tried to do that, but it made the man angry ArmySince they assure that Maknae has … Read more

ARMY angers BTS’ Jungkook after K-pop idol’s intimate photos are leaked

South Korean singer Jeon Jungkook, better known as BTS JungkookRicha, who achieved tremendous success with her song ‘Seven’, has recently become angry with some of her fans. they violated their privacy And they took pictures of him when he was having dinner with a group of friends. In fact, it is not the first time … Read more