He does not play in America, Damm’s new job after being deleted in Coapa

Jurgen Damm America January 28, 2023 3:43 p.m. Last season Club América made a rather risky decision by signing Jürgen Damm as a reinforcement for the team, since the Mexican attacker came from a long period of not having activity and being away from the courts due to being in a lawsuit with his former … Read more

While Lainez asks for 2 million, the player who would be free just for playing in America

Diego Laínez January 18, 2023 10:10 p.m. America has had serious problems in terms of its signings. The team has made bad decisions regarding the signings it has made in recent seasons. Now for the Clausura 2023, the team only made two signings and neither of them really helps them compete for the championship. Diego … Read more

Does America charge its players for jerseys? Jürgen Damm reveals it Halftime

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 06.01.2023 14:40:52 The mystery of the shirts for the players in the different teams was revealed by the soccer player of America, Jurgen DammWell, he, during a live, told what happens with this addition. And it seems that professional footballers have a unlimited number of t-shirtsespecially since several, in each … Read more