Tito Villa does not see CAZ with a chance to fight against great squadsHalftime

abigail parra Mexico City / 01.30.2023 10:05:00 A point added out of 9 possible, a difference of -2 goals and penultimate in the table of this Clausura 2023 Tournament (with a pending game), is the reality that lives Blue Cross a situation that does not surprise Emanuel Villa. The former player of La Máquina considered … Read more

Ariel Nahuelpán, the brand new reinforcement of Mazatlán FC, who previously went to Halftime

Today he scores goals and hopes to meet them again as a reinforcement of Mazatlán FC, but to live these benefits of life, Ariel Nahuelpán had to ‘get’ him in all aspects; the now gunboat striker recalled that, at some point in his life, he dedicated himself to masonry in Argentina. What was Nahuelpán’s childhood … Read more

Víctor Guzmán is a new Rayados playerHalftime

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 05.01.2023 20:37:00 striped already has a gift from wise menafter they already found the replacement of Cesar Montes in the team. This is Víctor Guzmán, defender of Xwaves from Tijuana that will change the air this Clausura 2023.1. Victor Guzman to Rayados The information was published by Canal 6 Deportes, … Read more