Why aren’t more Mexicans going to Europe? The 3 variables that prevent it Halftime

The failure that consumed the National Team of Mexico in it Qatar World Cup 2022, when he was eliminated in the Group Phase, he rocked Mexican soccer, which caused a series of measures which, among other purposes, has export more players to European football. The measure was raised on Tuesday, January 31 by Mikel Arriolapresident … Read more

IT COULD BE RED-WHITE! Soccer player revealed that he was in talks to be a Chivas reinforcement

mx league A highly renowned player with a past in European football acknowledged that there were approaches with the rojiblanca board. For Leon Iturbide 01/16/2023 – 9:33 p.m. CST © Jorge MorenoIMAGO 7 The arrival of Fernando Hierro to the Sports Management of Chivas brought with it a series of changes in the structure of … Read more

Marco Fabián will not return to Chivas? Reveals the talks that Mediatiempo has had

Marco Fabian He is clear that Chivas is his first love on the pitch and he will never forget that. And although the footballer today defends the shirt of the Mazatlan FCrecognizes that still keep the wish of one day putting on the red and white shirt again. And it is that talks come and … Read more