Saint Joan de Dieu tests first treatment for polycystic ovary syndrome

Sant Joan de Deu Hospital in Barcelona is taking part in a clinical trial Develop the first treatment against polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), Disease Affects 5 to 10% of women Or pregnant people of fertile age and despite it being the most common cause of female infertility, a large part of the population is unaware … Read more

The perfect infusion to control weight and eliminate menstrual cramps from your life

Although it is true that coffee is the quintessential drink in Spain tea is making its way To become a tough competitor over time. It is a drink that has been considered sacred in many cultures since ancient times. (Do you like to stand out at the bar? Cocktails that will get you noticed) There … Read more

Unbearable menstrual pain? We understand you! Get relief from discomfort with these effective solutions

written in ethos He 11/15/2023 · 5:17 pm Mexico City.- Every month it’s the same story, lying in bed, a hot water bottle in my stomach and the worst mood ever. Many people who suffer from menstruation menstrual painalso know as dysmenorrhea, This can cause discomfort that affects daily life. Below we give you Three … Read more

Do you know what “monthly flu” is? , Menstruation Women hormones Exercise Diet Cramps , life

Having your period each month can be a physical and emotional roller coaster. For some people, feeling depressed before menstruation includes flu-like symptoms, also known as “menstrual flu.” According to Sarah Yuen, Obstetrician-Gynecologist at Cleveland Clinic, “Menstrual flu is neither the flu nor an official medical diagnosis. This is a type of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), … Read more

4 reasons why you may have menstrual pain

Discover these 4 reasons why you may have severe menstrual pain menstruation, or period, is normal vaginal bleeding that occurs as part of a woman’s menstrual cycle. many women have severe menstrual painWhich is also called dysmenorrhea. The pain is often caused by menstrual cramps, which are throbbing or cramping pain in the lower abdomen. … Read more

What is perimenopause and at what age does it occur? – Sun of Puebla

human beings Throughout their lives they experience different biological processes, there are people who think so Big They appear during adolescence, however, this is not the case, since there are other Change Which adults have to face, although they are not always known. is one of them perimenopause, As its name indicates, this is the … Read more

The woman fell asleep with menstrual pain and did not wake up again; Family wants answers | news from mexico

A woman was left heartbroken when she received a shocking phone call informing her she was her little sister she went to bed with menstrual cramps and never woke up, Amanda Barber left looking for answers after her sister Anne MarieThe 39-year-old died mysteriously at her home in Warrington, Cheshire. The woman, mother of a … Read more

Study uses blood for first time to test absorption of menstrual products

Human blood has been used for the first time for analysis in a scientific study Absorption of various menstrual products Like tampons, pads or a cup. The study was prepared and published by researchers from the Department of Medicine and the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Oregon Health & Science University. BMJ JournalsHas been … Read more

“Which foods are beneficial at each stage of the menstrual cycle? Can diet help with symptoms?”

Can nutrition really improve premenstrual and menstrual cycle symptoms? In detail, which foods are beneficial and which are not at each stage? taken from Diet is one of the pillars of maintaining health, which is why it is considered an important tool to manage premenstrual and postmenstrual symptoms. If food is accompanied by a healthy … Read more