‘They Want Me Dead’, ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ and ‘Larry Crowne, It’s Never Too Late’ in ‘Prime Time’ Saturday

“They Want Me Dead,” “Murder on the Orient Express” and “Larry Crowne, It’s Never Too Late” in prime time SaturdayTwitter antenna 3 Bet tonight (at 22:10) on a new pass ofwho want my death, Connor, a boy witnessing a murder, is stalked by two killers in the Montana woods. Although he enlists Hannah (Angelina Jolie), … Read more

Valentina Trespalacios: Clues from the North American who saw her for the last time

Yesterday morning it was learned that DJ Valentina Trespalacios, who just turned 21, had been murdered over the weekend. The body of the young artist was found in one of the garbage containers in the Los Cámbulos neighborhoodin the town of Fontibón, packed in a travel suitcase and with apparent signs of mechanical suffocation, as … Read more

Pecci case: El Salvador expels Colombian Margareth Chacón – Latin America – International

Through a message on a Twitter account, the Minister of Justice and Security of El Salvador, Gustavo Villatoroannounced that the government of his country finished the process of expulsion of the Barranquillera Margareth Lizeth Chacón Zúñigawho is wanted by the Colombian authorities for being involved in the murder of the Paraguayan prosecutor Marcelo Peciperpetrated on … Read more