Lima Alliance | Guillermo Salas after the defeat against Atlético Nacional: “Overall, it’s better that this has happened now” | FOOTBALL-PERUVIAN

Lima Alliance did not have the expected result last Sunday against Atlético Nacional, due to the friendly agreed for the official presentation of the Colombian club. With three goals against, the blue and white team returned to the capital, ready to turn the page, although with important lessons to accept. This was announced by the … Read more

Alianza Lima – Guillermo Salas on defeat: “The fan is upset, but we have time to correct”

Alianza Lima failed to capture a good performance and lost 3-0 against National Athletic In colombia. The Medellín team was more compact in all its lines, while the two-time Peruvian champion did not find the path to a good result despite his reinforcements. Thus the blue and white coach Guillermo Salas admitted that these defeats … Read more

Alianza Lima: César Cueto and Guillermo La Rosa in Medellín to pay tribute in ‘Noche Verdolaga’

The Alianza Lima first team arrived in Colombia to face Atlético Nacional de Medellín in the ‘Purslane Night 2023’and will do so with two luxury guests: César Cueto and Guillermo La Rosa, idols from the Blue and Whites and from the Colombian club itself, who will receive a well-deserved tribute during their time in the … Read more