Symptoms of Fatty Liver 25% of the population has fatty liver: What are the symptoms of this dangerous disease?

25% of the population has fatty liver: What are the symptoms of this dangerous disease? Fatty liver is a disease that affects millions of Spaniards and, although it is not necessarily serious, it can actually lead to fatal pathology. These are the main symptoms of this pathology that more people talk about every day on … Read more

Obesity has a very negative impact on the appearance of various pathologies.

Obesity has a very negative impact on the appearance of various pathologies. Question: What is the difference between overweight and obesity? Answer: This difference is due to the amount of excess weight of the person. To make this objective, we use body mass index (BMI) as a way to measure this excess. BMI is the … Read more

Two out of every ten Spaniards try miracle diets, despite the fact that 98% fail

“People look for quick fixes and try these diets because there is a lot of misinformation and the industry sells miracle products.” christopher morales SEEDO’s Endocrine and Tone “they are looking for quick solution And, because there is so much misinformation and the industry sells miracle products that can be purchased without a prescription, people … Read more

Experts warn that new treatments for obesity “are not a magic solution”

From the Argentine Society of Obesity Surgery, he warned that before the disease is diagnosed, the solution is not to take medication, insert a balloon or have surgery, but to change and maintain healthy eating and lifestyle habits. Any device or combination thereof. The main tools are “diet and lifestyle changes” / Photo: Telm holder … Read more

Does eating a lot of fruit affect weight gain and obesity? this is what science says

Findings of a study on the role of fructose in metabolism. To maintain a healthy weight or reduce the risk of obesity, many diet plans promote the consumption of fruits. However, a new study focuses on this premise. This research, published in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, suggests that fructose – the … Read more

Vagovi: 8 keys to the new injectable drug to lose weight that will arrive in Argentina. How does the drug used by millionaires and celebrities work?

notoriety treated with veggie when it gained global prominence Elon Musk, The influential CEO of Tesla and owner of X (formerly known as Twitter) revealed on his social network that he used it to lose weight. Following his statement and the astonishing transformation the SpaceX founder has seen in just a few months, especially on … Read more

Not just diet and exercise: Experts call for a new approach to treating obesity

obesity, plural, This is most accurate when talking about a disease that can cause Multiple clinical abnormalities. so holds it Dr. Gemma FruhbeckCo-Director of Obesity Area Navarra University Clinic, Because, say the doctors, “when you see someone who is obese, you usually associate it with being overweight and judge it by their body mass index. … Read more

Hormones and their relation to obesity and weight loss

An imbalance of these chemical substances can cause changes in weight and, worse, certain diseases. The human body contains over 50 hormones, many of which are directly linked to weight gain and weight loss., even those that are not strictly related to it. Maintaining a stable hormonal level is essential to avoid physiological changes that … Read more

Obesity, defined as a “chronic disease” by national experts

More than 285 internists have gathered at the XVII Meeting of the Diabetes, Obesity and Nutrition Group of the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI), where they have analyzed the main diagnostic and therapeutic novelties in the fields of study of the working group (diabetes, obesity and nutrition) … More than 285 … Read more