Panama presents achievements in the fight against tuberculosis

Speaking at the high-level meeting of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly on Health, the official highlighted the National Strategic Plan for Tuberculosis Control 2023-2027, which aims to reduce deaths from the disease by 75 per cent. That program also aims to reduce the incident rate by 50 percent compared to 2015, he said. Berrios … Read more

9 Celebrity Divorces in Hollywood (So Far This Year)

Where does all the love and excitement of living life together go? Apparently the arrows shot by Cupid are losing their termination effect, at least in Hollywood. So far in 2023, several couples in the cast, including some considered the most stable, have announced their separation. Some have decided to live together and sort out … Read more

7 Outfit Ideas to Dazzle at Panama Fashion Week

panama fashion week ,P.F.W.) is one of the most anticipated events in the Panamanian fashion calendar. Year after year, it becomes a platform where emerging talents meet established designers and fashion lovers meet. If you’re planning to attend and want to make sure you make an impression, here are some outfit ideas that will make … Read more

fly swatter and other inventions

By: Juliet by Diego de Fabrega August 18, 2023 – 01:34 am Recently I read a news which said that A mother refused to remove lice from her daughter’s head Because she was a vegetarian and could not kill any living thing. This earned her a full roll with the neighbor who had a girl … Read more

I’m in summer…! Tokischa wants milk and dog food for his ‘show’ in Panama

The company True Company insists that the requests are infrequent. There are prohibitions here. “‘I’m sick…in heat/I’m looking for a dog to trap/Hey!, you’re…in heat/Who’s looking for a trap dog’…”. Hey, there’s a lot of commotion about Tokisha’s next performance in Panama. access our website And the thing is that the famous Dominican and close … Read more