Ideal spot for music and coffee lovers in Puebla Grupo Milenio

Music, creativity and coffee mix D4MY Cafeteria, A place where music lovers can come to listen to their favorite artists and taste innovative drinks named after their favorite artists. in interview with Puebla Multimedia, Daniela Delgado He explained that the establishment he is in charge of wants to be a place where customers learn more … Read more

Colombian Matt Paris returns to the music scene with “PA PA PA” – ContraRéplicaPuebla

Notistars Colombian city music singer Matt Paris returns to the music scene with “PA PA PA”, after two years of enjoying varied festivals around the globe and sharing the stage with music’s best artists. The single “PA PA PA” below the label Mr. 305 Records is the primary from a brand new album by Matt … Read more

The United Kingdom prepares to crown Carlos III – ContraRéplicaPuebla

Ana Cuenca | AFP Charles III will be officially crowned in London in two weeks, in a ceremony steeped in tradition but one that the British king wants simpler and more modern than that of Elizabeth II 70 years ago. And that he arouses much less interest. His coronation, on May 6 at Westminster Abbey … Read more

Chivas, one of the most benefited from the Repechage that will disappear Halftime

The repechage lives his last moments in the MX Leagueand with his goodbye, several teams were exposed with what they were from the most benefited with the establishment of this instance since 2020, and there, Chivas and Necaxa They were the most ‘winners’. How many Repechages has Chivas participated in? The Guadalajara club registers participation … Read more

Andrada’s blooper in Mexico and Mancuello’s goal

In Monterrey-Puebla, the goalkeeper wanted to play out, but he made a mistake similar to Caballero’s in Russia 2018 and the former Red took advantage of it. On a Friday full of football, while in Argentina the return of the Professional League was experienced, in Mexico several Argentines had an outstanding participation. Although not all … Read more

Was a fan of America caught being unfaithful? Halftime

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 27.01.2023 17:33:01 Soccer is still the ideal place to make a date, that is why during the Liga MX games many couples can be seen enjoying the respective matches those who attend. However, several people have already ‘fallen into the movement’, since during the transmissions They are usually captured with … Read more

Close to return! Marcelo Michel Leaño would receive a new opportunity in the Mx League after passing through Chivas

EX-CHIVAS The former Guadalajara coach would be in the internal conversation of a club to grant him the reins of the team in case things get complicated during the tournament. For Leon Iturbide 01/10/2023 – 1:04 p.m. CST © JAM MEDIA 2021, JAM MEDIA MEXICOChivas vs Puebla – Closing Tournament 2022 Liga BBVA MX Soccer … Read more

Pachuca vs. Puebla (5-1). GOALSHalftime

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 09.01.2023 23:19:04 with authority and knowing how to take advantage of the good moments in the game, the Tuzos of Pachucadefending champions, They performed tonight at the Closing Tournament 2023, thrashing Club Puebla 5-1 on the field of the Hidalgo Stadium, where they have only recorded two defeats in the … Read more