The Most Unknown Fruit That Lowers Blood Sugar And Contains 40 Times More Vitamin C Than Oranges

Orange juice has always been used as a source of vitamin C, and it is absolutely true that it contains large amounts, but oranges are not the only fruit of the earth that contains this vitamin to help the body grow and repair tissues. The amount of essential vitamins is the highest. The true spring … Read more

How to use turmeric tea to control sugar and improve insulin sensitivity?

Turmeric, an ancient aromatic species from Asia, has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity in diabetic patients. insulin The hormone responsible for sugar (glucose) is What we take in through food and drink gets distributed to our cells. However, some organisms do not produce the required amount of this essential substance to be produced in … Read more

How to deal with it in summer with six simple tips

Low blood sugar is common in the summer, even in people who don’t have a pre-existing condition. controlling blood sugar—so-called glycemia—is more Complicated during the holidays and the hottest months, The fast pace of life, excessive dehydration, harshness of the weather or reluctance to eat can result in low sugar levels in our body and … Read more

three natural infusions to regulate blood sugar levels

Some natural medicine specialists recommend certain herbs to treat different diseases. The insulin It is a hormone known as glucose that is responsible for carrying blood sugar to the cells that provide energy to the body. However, when someone suffers from hyperglycemia you have high blood sugar levels, meaning your body does not produce enough … Read more

Government will dismiss the president of Azcuba

The government will dismiss the president of Azcuba, Julio Garcia Perez due to the “bad results” of the harvest girlrevealed to CyberCuba a source close to Prime Minister Manuel Marrero, who requested anonymity. “We will have to buy sugar on the international market, which is expensive, to satisfy domestic demand,” lamented the official. The call … Read more