Taika Waititi gives disappointing update on his Star Wars movie

Academy-Award-winning screenwriter/director Taika Waititi gives a disappointing update on his new star wars The film he is currently working on.

while talking to entertainment tonight As part of the promotional campaign for his new film win next goalWaititi was asked about his new position star wars Movies. Waititi said the following: “Right now, I’m still developing something with them. Like me, (Lucasfilm) also has a lot of projects going on. I think they’ll keep it going until I finish these other projects. I have about four other scripts I’m trying to complete. My thing is I want to take my time and get it right. I don’t want to rush this film.”

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Although fans waiting for this film may be disappointed by the pace of Waititi’s screenwriting, it’s still a good sign that he’s confirming that his film is still in active development. It also seems as if Lucasfilm is aware that Waititi wants to take his time with the project, as Kathleen Kennedy told press at Star Wars Celebration in April that “[It’s]ongoing. There’s no pivoting. I haven’t seen any pivots yet.” Not twisted. It’s all going on. Taika is a little slow. Everyone is busy, but yes. They’re great projects and we’re definitely still working on them.” Kennedy did not explain why in that statement. As for what other projects she was referring to, there are several previously-announced films that haven’t had an update in a long time, such as Rian Johnson’s Trilogy.

Due to the lack of updates on the project, some believed that Waititi star wars The next film was going to be canceled, but it was replaced by Kevin Feige’s film. Feige confirmed this during the premiere Miracle That he is no longer working on a project in a galaxy far, far away brings to an end years of rumors and speculations about the story of his previously announced film.

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One star wars The film that has been confirmed to be in active development is Daisy Ridley’s New Jedi Order film. Screenwriter Steven Knight is reportedly set to pitch the script next week or so, before the Thanksgiving holiday. The film also has a new rumored title, Star Wars: A New Beginning, Ridley is the only cast member confirmed for the project, as John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver, and the rest of the sequel trilogy cast have yet to confirm or deny their roles in the new story.

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