Taika Waititi reveals how Natalie Portman will be in Thor Love and Thunder

Thor Love And Thunder will be the next Marvel Studios movie after Doc Strange 2and is scheduled for July 8, the day from which we can see Natalie Portman returning to the MCU as Mighty Thor.

Taika Waititidirector of the fourth installment of the God of Thunder, has spoken about what can we expect from jane foster in this film, since it is his return to Marvel Studios after his last participation in Thor 2 in 2013.

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Taika Waititi: Natalie Portman in Thor Love And Thunder will be a lot of fun

The seriousness and danger of Doc Strange 2will be pushed aside this summer to make way for a much funnier movie, or so the director of the film assures.

Thor Love And Thunder it is the next big Marvel Studios release on the big screenwhere we can see again Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman as the Gods of Thunder.

For Natalie Portman, this will be his first Marvel appearance in nearly a decadeif we do not count the few seconds that it appeared in Avengers: Endgame in recycled images of Thor, a dark world. Natalie comes back but with a character upgrade since we will be able to see her push the mjolnir of Thor reconstructed.

The characters will be much more fun

Taika Waititithe director, has assured that the characters in the movie are all much funnier from what we already saw in Thor: Ragnarök back in 2017. This includes the character of Natalie Portman, as Waititi assures that Jane will go very hand in hand with comedyin addition to bringing with it a lot of action.

Also, Waititi says he didn’t want Natalie to come back to play the same old character, who was just a scientist. The director comments that since Natalie is so funny in real lifewanted to bring that energy to the screen through his return to the role:

“Well, you don’t want natalie to come back and play the same character who walks with scientific equipment. You know, while Thor is flying, she stays on Earth, stamping her foot and saying ‘When will she come back?’ That is waiting. You want me to be part of the adventure. And with the character of Jane, you want a little more. Natalie is very funny in real life. She is a bit silly and Has a great sense humorand I think it has been exploited enough in the first films.

What will Thor and Jane’s relationship be like in the movie?

Thor Love and Thunder Official Synopsis Revealed An Epic Alliance Arrives

Apart from this, the director addressed what will Thor and Jane’s relationship be like in this movie after being apart for so long. Waititi promises that his story will focus on the love relationship between the two but that the dynamic between them will be somewhat different:

“I always think about it in real time, for humans who have been watching movies. So about eight years have passed. She has had a completely different life, and then the love of your life is back on the scene and now he’s dressed like you. It’s really crazy for Thor. But I can’t promise anything. I think most people will assume that the love story is between Chris and Natalie. I can’t promise that what people think will happen in this movie will happen.”

We already know Waititi’s humor in his films, and hopefully there will be much larger doses of it in this new installment. What is noteworthy is that Jane will no longer be left out of everythingif not, he will participate fully and will be as protagonist as Thor himself.

Now we just have to wait to see how that comedy will develop, and the relationship between Thor and Jane after so many years.

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