Take a deep breath before seeing Genesis Rodríguez as a younger

Genesis Rodríguez, the daughter of José Luis ‘El Puma’ Rodríguez, is a 34-year-old American actress who has become known for participating in several Telemundo soap operas. The beautiful actress decided to be an artist like her father, and instead of dedicating herself to music, she did it in acting. In a photo leaked on social media, this is what Genesis looked like when she was a teenager.

Known for her leading roles in ‘Prisonera’, ‘Dame chocolate’ or ‘Doña Bárbara’, Genesis Rodriguez She studied acting from a very young age, which quickly allowed her to enter acting. In addition, the daughter of the Puma, she had the appearance of her in two chapters of ‘Law and Order: Special Victims Unit’. On the other hand, she did all of her studies at a Miami school, so she speaks English and Spanish with ease.

The daughter of Puma Rodríguez. Source Instagram @genirodriguez

The actress got the great opportunity to star in a series on Netflix this year. Genesis will be part of the third season of ‘Umbrella Academy’, where he will play ‘Sloane’. Her first opportunity in Hollywood was in the movie ‘Hours’, in which she starred with Paul Walker, with whom she later said that she was the lover of the actor who died in a traffic accident.

Génesis Rodríguez is the youngest daughter of Venezuelan singer El Puma Rodríguez. In total there are three daughters of the 79-year-old musician, but with whom she has the best relationship is with the actress, also the daughter of Carolina Pérez. With both Lilibeth and Liliana Rodríguez, there is no contact and Puma has lost all kinds of relationships and apparently has completely forgotten about his old family.

This is what Genesis Rodríguez looks like. Source Instagram @genirodriguez

In the social networks of both the singer and the actress, they share images together. The Puma uploaded a cute image that shows what it was like Genesis Rodriguez in his teens, where he still lived with his parents. The artist’s mother and current wife, Carolina Pérez, also appears in the photo.

Genesis Rodríguez as a teenager with her parents. Source Instagram @elpumaoficial

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