Take a look at Kim Kardashian’s movie car

The famous model shook the networks with her most iconic car that refers to a blockbuster movie. A collector’s vehicle that more than one would long to have in her showcase. Do not miss it!

kim kardashian became one of the richest women of the moment with a fortune that is around 1.8 billion dollars. Crazy! However, for the model this is the product of her reality shows, promising businesses and, above all, advertising contracts, which manage to make a difference in her bank account.

The American has more than 340,000,000 followers on her personal Instagram account. Without a doubt, the diva knows how to captivate her followers and flaunt her millions, without being forgotten. Her dream mansions, high-end cars, as well as her paradisiacal destinations soon became the talk of everyone, and it became a fixture among the Kardashian clan.

In this opportunity, The model rocked the networks with her most iconic car. A vehicle that refers to a blockbuster movie with a collection that exceeds 380,000 million dollars. What a success! Undoubtedly, this copy is painted on Kim and she did not take long to show it off with all the style. Despite criticism for her low-cut look, she did not hesitate to pose for the cameras.

Aboard his DeLorean DMC-12, style “Back to the Future”the American turned on her fans It didn’t take long for them to be noticed. This car has a V12 engine and reaches a top speed of 203 km/h. Although this model was a resounding failure, it has gained life thanks to the popularity of this film. A model to remember!

Kim did not hesitate for a second to have this copy, worthy of a collector’s item for any fan of the automotive and film industry. Although DeLorean today promises to make a more modern and sustainable version, we know that it will have a hard time competing with this piece of history that transcended the big screen. Meanwhile, Kardashian is pleased to have this machine in his garage and we have no doubt that he will surprise us again with another exclusive model. And do you dare to take a walk?

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Kim Kardashian aboard her DeLorean DMC-12.

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