Take a seat before knowing the unexpected IQ of Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is an American-born Israeli actress, director and producer who rose to fame for having participated in the ‘Star Wars’ saga and is one of the few actresses to win all four major Hollywood awards. Beyond this, she was born in Jerusalem, she stands out for having an important IQ, thus being one of the most intelligent of all of them.

The race of portman She started in the 1994 movie ‘León’ and is mainly known for having participated in the second ‘Star Wars’ trilogy playing ‘Padmé Amidala’ and ‘Jane Foster’ in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies in ‘Thor’. Beyond her roles, she is one of the few actresses to have won four awards for the same film, where she received the Oscar for Best Actress, the BAFTA, the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama and the Screen Actors Guild Award. for his work on ‘The Black Swan’.

Natalie Portman is a prominent Hollywood actress. Source Instagram @natalieportman

As she is one of the most important actresses in the Hollywood industry, few details of her personal life are known, and one of them is that the name she uses is not her real one but an artistic one. the real name of portman en Neta – Lee Hershlag and three years after being born in Jerusalem, his family moved to Washington and that is why he has dual citizenship.

However, this is not the only unknown in the life of Natalie Portman, because she has a high IQ, above average and normal, which makes her one of the most intelligent actresses in Hollywood. The 41-year-old American is known to have an IQ of 140 points, when the average is between 90 and 109, while scores above 130 are considered the highest and make them very smart.

Natalie Portman has an IQ of 140 points. Source Instagram @natalieportman

Natalie Portman Not only is she an outstanding actress, but her time at the university has been one of the most awarded. The leading actress of ‘Thor’ decided to give priority to education and entered Harvard University in the 1990s to major in Psychology, specializing in Educational Psychology and graduated in 2003. In addition, she was part of several seminars of Neuropsychology and then went on to study at Yale. To this we must add that she speaks several languages.

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