Take a seat before seeing the luxurious mansion of José Luis “El Puma” Rodríguez

The popular singer José Luis Rodríguez, a native of Venezuela, lives in an incredible mansion in the area of ​​Florida, Miami in the United States, along with his wife, the Cuban model Carolina Pérez and until recently with their daughter, Genesis Rodríguez, but she moved to Los Angeles, for work. Thus, at 79 years The Puma you can show off your huge home.

The Cougar Rodriguez He is one of the great exponents of Latin music. He has more than five decades of experience in the artistic world behind him and in any case he is still active and makes contact with his fans through social networks. His career has given him the opportunity to control his money and invest it marvelously, giving himself luxuries that only the great can.

El Puma Rodríguez and his wife. Source: instagram

The successful career of Puma Rodriguez it paid off and today he can enjoy great luxuries in his mansion. The exclusive property has an extension of more than two thousand square meters, it has two floors. In addition, it is listed at almost 8 million dollars. The interiors are glamorous and resemble those of a luxury hotel.

The walls of the mansion are decorated with fine stones in white tones, which gives it a rustic and modern style typical of the Florida area. Throughout the spaces you can see that it has sculptures and large paintings that attract attention and give life to the interior. In turn, the home The Puma He has a table where there are photos of him at key moments in his career.

Finally, it has a private dock where the singer or those close to him can watch the sunset and park his yacht. Around the vegetation there is a huge pool, an outdoor Jacuzzi and a large spa area. Nothing bad ,Cougar.

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