take the ball away from Messi without kicking it; I tried everything and it plunged me into misery”


Leo Messi He has received all kinds of accolades from his rivals throughout his career. But his teammates have also had to suffer from the Argentine’s talent in training and one of those who was humiliated is nothing more than Carles Puyol.

The decision that Messi made with PSG before the brutal contract of Al Hilal

The former defender of Barcelona remember the practice in which he had to mark Messi. That team was led by Pep Guardiola and the coach challenged puyol: take the ball away from Leo without giving him a single kick. At that time, the man from Rosario was younger and had a lot of speed and power.

“I remember at the beginning of the stage with Guardiola in which we played a few short games. In one of them he suggested that I do an individual marking and the truth is that he plunged me into misery. Pep even gave me a condition: not to kick him. And I replied that if he wanted me not to kick him, to stop training, “he confessed. puyol in dialogue with Mundo Deportivo.

Puyol and Messi were teammates at Barcelona for a decade until the Spaniard's retirement.

In that same line, Carlos He added: “I tried everything and I couldn’t do anything. You had to be careful not to make a hard tackle on him, but he has too many resources. We go in slow motion and he goes very fast. Messi, when he’s on the pitch, he’s very competitive, he wants to win and he uses all the resources he has, which aren’t few, and I’m sure he gave me shit”.

Secondly, puyol does not rule out the return of Messi to the Barcelona. The striker ends his contract with the psg in June and the Catalan hopes to see him defending the Barça shirt again.

“It’s not too late for him to come back. Contract ends and many things can happen. Messi will always be well received at Barcelona”, he expressed.

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