takes June to the extreme with the European Cup and snatches the crown from Antena 3

1 (12.7%) is revolutionizing viewers with the European Cup. The public network took advantage of the national team tournament to lead June and add its first monthly win since February 2012, more than 12 years ago. It is up 3.6 points compared to May and another three compared to June 2023. In fact, it is the best June since 2011 and the best month since December 2022, when it achieved the same figure thanks to the World Cup in Qatar. All this was also helped by the Champions League final between Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid, which was broadcast with great success on June 1.

However, not everything this month was football for La 1. MasterChef 12, which once again stood above the rest of the channel’s schedule, although without the same shine as before. Despite everything, it aroused more interest than the new one Blood ties And? Invictusone of the new releases of the beginning of the summer, which received insignificant figures, despite the fact that the Eurocup was the warm-up act. Time 1 And Promise They are repeated, like La 1’s offers, which daily exceed the double-digit quota, a level that the channel has barely reached outside the Eurocup.

Antenna 3 (12.4%) It loses its lead by just three tenths, enough for its 31-month streak as the most watched TV channel in Spain to come to an end. He also remains without a track leader from start to finish for the third straight season, although he maintains the overall track lead.

The Atresmedia channel fell nine-tenths compared to May and 1.1 compared to June 2023 and remains five-tenths below the monthly average for the season. In any case, their daily schedule continues to be one step ahead of the rest (not counting the European Championships) with Public mirror, Open kitchen by Carlos Arguignano, Wheel of Fortune, Dreams of freedom, And now Sonsols, Password, Anthill and two editions Antena 3 News.

As if that weren’t enough, primetime offerings like Your face looks familiar to me (Friday), Child’s voice (Saturday and 1% (Wednesday), they also completed this last month; especially the veteran Manel Fuentes show, which remains unbeatable. On the other hand, the series became a big “but”. Not so much Brothers and sisters (Monday and Tuesday) which remained stable, but yes Family Secrets (Sunday) and Turkish Passion (Thursday), which ended the month below double digits. The same barrier that was lost Maximum (Thursday) a week after a good premiere.

Telechinko (10%) We also note the broadcast of the national team tournament. Channel Media network It’s down five-tenths from May and one point year-on-year, making it its worst month in five years and its worst June ever. It also remains a tenth below its season average, although at least it’s losing fewer places than Antena 3 in this football month.

In any case, we are still very far from leadership today. And this will not be because Survivorswhich in June again became his best news, as in the final stage Survivors 2024 as in the beginning Survivors All Stars, which dominated prime time on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. However, outside these days the situation is more delicate. For example, last month he said goodbye badly to X – Factor and an imperceptible return Life without filters. Marquis finished in the lead, but without big numbers in previous chapters. FridayBut he signed his best month on the quota (12%) and, by the way, extended it for a second season.

Otherwise, AfternoonAR Last month was a tough one, with almost a dozen sub-10% outliers tied to the Eurocup shadow. Chain reactionfor his part, he remained closer than ever to Passwordbut its disadvantage is still very large (5.8 points). Critical view remains above the network average and even more Let’s seewhich continues to be the best section of Telecinco on a daily basis. That’s life is in its final month without reaching double digits, while Party And Socialite They begin their new stage without significant changes in their numbers. He Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix (13.7%) is the lowest rating since its broadcast on Telecinco, although this is still a good figure for the channel.

laSexta (6.2%) It loses four tenths compared to May and three tenths compared to June 2023. Two changes that leave Atresmedia’s second channel two-tenths below the monthly average recorded this year. And yet, looking at the circumstances, we can say that he celebrated his birthday in June, another month in which he once again counted Aruzers at his best, as the outstanding leader of his gang, well supported Red Hot.

The remaining stripes once again remained very far from the morning level, although at least such veteran brands as shaking, Better late, Intermediate And laSexta news They continue to contribute their grain of sand so that laSexta does not live exclusively on the morning slot. He has more problems in prime time, where’s his latest news, Patrollingfell below 6% despite its strong debut (8.2%). It also suffers on weekends when Rock, Anatomy And laSexta Xplica They don’t finish taking a step forward.

In any case, laSexta adds in June 36 months ahead his greatest rival. That is, three whole years in advance. Four (5.1%)which is down one tenth compared to May, although it repeats the data it signed in June 2023. Despite this very slight decline, the Mediaset channel is experiencing its worst month of the season and remains three tenths below its average for the course.

News type 100% uniqueness and return Four travelers delivers during prime time, and last month Cuatro also had offers like Code 10, Horizon, Fourth millennium And Martinez and brothersall of them above the network average. They also beat it on a daily basis. It’s all a lie and above all, First dates, which had its best June (7.4%) and best Fridays (7.6%) by quota in its history. However, Occasionally This is currently the weakest point in the network with quotas of around 3%. Weekends with film containers continue to be a strong point home cinema And Blockbusteras well as Saturday and Sunday editions News Four.

Finally, let’s select the data 2 (2.8%) And Yes (1.4%), for whom June has become a special month. The second public channel to broadcast European Cup matches, raising it to one tenth above the course average. In addition, it matches the best month of the year (January), although it does not reach the 3% it was in September.

By thematic chain Ten (1.4%)closes first month of broadcasting That doesn’t mean we were Shhh with the best historical indicator, although in April it was 1.3%, so the arrival of a new Save me His grid had a positive impact, but it was moderate compared to the data he had seen in previous months.


  • 1: 12.1%
  • Antenna 3: 12.4%
  • Telechinko: 10%
  • Payment topics: 10%
  • Autonomous (FORT): 7.7%
  • sixth: 6.2%
  • Four: 5.1%
  • 2: 2.8%
  • Private autonomous: 0.2%

*News in development

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