‘Tales of The Walking Dead’: these are all the stories that the series will tell

The universe of the walking dead expands a little further with ‘Tales of the Walking Dead’, an anthology series that will premiere on AMC+ on September 22. We tell you what are the stories that will be seen in its episodes, some starring old acquaintances for fans of the original series.

By serialists – 13 Sep 2022

The Walking Dead It will premiere its last batch of episodes on October 3, but the fact that it ends does not mean that the world created around it does too. AMC +, in fact, will bring to Spain on September 22 Tales of the Walking Deada new spin off of fiction that, on this occasion, opts for an anthological format: each of its six chapters tells an independent and self-contained story set at different times of the zombie apocalypse.

Between those episodes, fans will meet the actress again. Samantha Morton, who played Alpha in Season 10 and part of Season 11 of the original series, but the rest of the stories don’t have such a clear connection to the events we’ve seen following Rick Grimes and his crew. Broadly speaking, this is what is going to count Tales of The Walking Dead.

Episode 1: Evie/Joe: Terry Crews (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) and Olivia Munn play in this episode a prepper (a man who was obsessively preparing for the end of the world) and the woman he meets on the road trip he undertakes to search for an important person from his past.

Episode 2: Blair/Gina: Two co-workers are stranded in Atlanta together when the zombie apocalypse breaks out. Although they are not especially friends, they will have to work together to escape from the city. Parker Posey (The Staircase) and Jillian Bell are its protagonists.

Episode 3: Dee: The woman we would come to know as Alpha is, here, a mother who takes refuge with her daughter on a steamboat. She tries to run from the death around her and her own violent past, but it won’t be easy for her to do so.

Jillian Bell and Parker Posey flee the apocalypse in 'Tales of the Walking Dead'.
Jillian Bell and Parker Posey flee the apocalypse in ‘Tales of the Walking Dead’.

Episode 4: Amy/Dr. Everett: Anthony Edwardsemergencies) is one of the protagonists of this episode that follows a naturalist who is studying walkers. He meets an aggressive settler who advocates that the living take back the abandoned territory.

Episode 5: David: Jessie T. Usher (Survivor’s remorse) plays a man who wakes up in a strange city with no recollection of how he got there or why the locals accuse him of murder.

Episode 6: The Lady: In addition to the apocalypse, the protagonist couple of this episode lives in a haunted house that does nothing but terrorize them.

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