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The Dominican-Haitian border is in a calm environment, but as a precautionary measure in the face of the instability that Haiti is experiencing, the military component has consolidated the defense line along the land strip and the air and maritime spaces, seen yesterday in the deployment of armored tanks and helicopters in the Dajabón area.

Among the armed potential, the dispatch of special forces for crisis situations was arranged, according to what was known from military sources that assure the Dominican side “there are no complications.”

“Attention is high there; the Haitian capital is no man’s land”, she maintains, to add that in the Dominican terrestrial space “there is no problem”.

The movement of soldiers and military equipment is a preventive measure applicable by the armed forces, to be prepared for contingencies, ready to defend the sovereignty and security of citizens.

“Every time there is a convulsion (in Haiti) there is more preparation here,” indicates the source associated with the military field. “We are prepared for anything; no problems here,” he notes.

The increasingly complicated crisis situation in Haiti has given way to the Dominican Army fortifying its presence on the border. Helicopter supervision flights are constant and patrol tours cover 24 hours.

The correspondent in the area, Goidy Reyes, said that the instructions of the military operations in Dajabón, ordered by the Army Commander General, Carlos Fernández Onofre, are being fulfilled in all their forms.

the tankettes

The armored tankettes are a military vehicle similar to a small tank, in the Dominican case, with axles on wheels, they are used for reconnaissance and infantry support tasks. These vehicles, which are usually the size of a car, have a crew of two or three members. The armed forces of the country have in service the LAV-150 Commando, manufactured in the United States.

They seize gasoline

Yesterday, the Commander General of the Army, Carlos Antonio Fernández Onofre, reported that a patrol of that military force yesterday frustrated the illegal transfer of Haitian smugglers, through the Partido town of Dajabón

The high command of the Army explained that the Haitians were caught “red-handed” and after resisting arrest and causing disorder, they were subjected to obedience. The illegal transfer of gasoline was done, according to the report, in complicity with Dominicans. When they noticed the military presence, a group of Haitians fled, leaving gasoline containers and a vehicle behind.


Capture order

The Haitian government commissioner, Jacques Lafontant, yesterday confirmed the issuance of an arrest warrant against the president of the Permanent Committee of the Episcopal Church of Haiti, Jean Madoché Vil, for alleged involvement in arms and ammunition trafficking.

Lafontant refrained from advancing whether there would be other arrest warrants for this case, limiting himself to saying that the Prosecutor’s Office will inform the press “at the appropriate time,” said the Haitian newspaper Gazette Haiti News.

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