Tarazona, set to debut Cipotegato this Sunday

El Cipotegato has once again visited the streets of Tarazona under a rain of tomatoes. Declared of National Tourist Interest, the festival offers an intense program of activities from this Sunday Around 300 events planned, As usual, the buildings in the Plaza de España have to be covered with large plastic as a protective measure against the delirium of the turriasonenses, who, according to tradition, have devoted themselves entirely to throwing ‘tomatozos’.

Minutes before leaving the municipal palace, escorted by a group of family and friends, the young woman wore the character’s traditional harlequin costume and covered her face with a mask so that her identity would not be revealed until she returned to City Hall. , The start of Cipotegato was spectacular, with a series of weapons from the supporters’ clubs opening the aisles as wide as possible amid a crowd of young people jumping and singing: “Dik dik!”

Thus, the young woman begins her journey amid a rain of tomatoes and is protected from the tornado by her team human being which revolved around him and which accompanied him throughout the itinerary, chosen by the protagonist to highlight the monumental area of ​​Tarazona, whose festival, dedicated to San Atilano, was declared of national tourist interest in 2009.

Photo of the Cipotegato 2023 festival in Tarazona

Photo of the Cipotegato 2023 festival in Tarazona
Xavier Belver

After exiting the Plaza de España, the young woman walks at a slow pace dictated by the crowd that surrounds her at all times, Meyer and Conde Streets to reach the Episcopal Palace, from where it continues along the streets of San Juan and Recodos, before reaching the bridge and crossing the river in the direction of Tarazona Cathedral, from where it finally returns to the starting point.

a journey he has traveled He stops to drink some water at a bar run by his passionate companion, a young woman named Neria.

Cipotegato in the Plaza de España to reach the pedestal of the monument dedicated to the workers on the shoulders of his brother, a section that is finished flight At the hands of the crowd that was waiting for his arrival.

finally settled on the statueThe young woman begins to shout and wave her blue scarf, while thousands of people shouting around her do the same to themselves in compliance with the request she made to the populace to make this gesture a new tradition. on local festivals.

Once back at the town hall, Cipotegato’s identity is revealed, a young woman, Raquel, He was born on the same day as the first appearance of the character by a woman in his story, a fact that led him to think that he was “predestined”.

“achieved“, assures the young woman enthusiastically, who described the moment as “absolutely incredible and impossible to forget in life” when, sitting on the statue, she saw the blue tide that she had requested.

feeling between turiyasonance

Carlos Pérez, a young soldier from Tarazona, has brought three friends, one from Granada, another from Madrid and a third from Zaragoza, to watch the party. “When Cipotegato comes out the one I like the most is red sorghum” he says, while his girlfriend Isabel Gomez assures him that she would not want to be in the role.

Antonio Royo, 72, of Turiassan, who lives in Lleida and is accompanied by 16 people including family and friends, assured that “The memory of this party is indelible: In the years when I could not come, I used to join on TV and got goosebumps.

City council redistributed this year tomatoes, “so that the skies of the Plaza de España turn red”. Total, 5,000 kg have been distributed.

purple dot

from this sunday and A purple dot will remain until dawn on September 2 To deal with any incident related to possible sexual assaults. It will be in the old library, next to the local police.

and on the morning of September 1 to 2, the Red Cross will set up a mobile unit in the cathedral parking lot for the event Los40 Dance In Sessions Tour, To exit Cipotegato, security forces will have a fixed drone in front of the town hall on Calle Mayor and helicopters that will fly over the area.

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