Tasha K denies moving to Africa to avoid judgment from Cardi B

The defamation case that Cardi B brought against blogger Tasha K ended with a victory for the rapper. Recall that the blogger is sentenced to pay the sum of 4 million dollars to Cardi for posting baseless information about her. While she has not yet fulfilled such an obligation, she has treated herself to a trip to the African continent.

After sharing posts about her “life in Africa”, the YouTuber returns to deny the rumors she helped start

Cardi decided to attack Tasha in court and won. Following this, it was reported that the blogger may have left the country. To confirm these rumors, she shared a photo of herself with a caption that translates that she has found a new home somewhere in Africa.

Life in Africa turns out to be exactly what I needed. A new start ! This week I will be posting my first VLOG of my new life in Africa and showing you all our extended family“, she wrote on Instagram.

However, netizens started reposting the news, adding that Tasha could be gone because of the court case. She then posted several more photos of herself making mention of her travels. “I promise you there is nothing to report… I am enjoying my trip abroad“, she tweeted.

After all, the blogger took advantage of the gossip to troll Cardi on Instagram, she wrote: “Since your favorite keeps asking for those little coins, ask her how she wants the 4 million? In Guinean francs or Ugandan shillings?“.

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