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It is said that this came It is the best-selling rosé in the south of France. And not only is it because of its category – which it undoubtedly has – it also influences this success that the Chateau Miraval where it is made, belonged to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. In 2008, the actor couple leased this cellar of the French Provence, which they later specified.

It is a huge building with 35 rooms, with vineyards, a lake, 20 fountains, swimming pools, a gym and also a small chapel where the actors got married. Its glamor was increased because it also has a recording studio, used by music celebrities such as Sting, Gipsy Kings and Pink Floyd.

Located in the heart of the Côte d’Azur, in the secluded little town of Correns, one that is proud of having been, in 1997, the first in France to convert all its agriculture to organic. Its region includes some 80 farmers who grow all kinds of fruit trees, vineyardsolive trees, aromatic plants and the famous lavenders.

tasting note Chateau Miraval

The Chateau Miraval also has in its almost 500 hectares, with many of these crops and as far as is known, it was a pitt very enthusiastic who set out to produce his own wines. To do this, it partnered with Marc Perrin from Chateau Beaucastel, a family business from the Rhône Valley, which already has 5 generations producing excellent wines.

Together they decided to continue the organic management of the vineyard and focus on a high quality rosé to honor the fame of these French Provence wines. Made from local red grapes – Cinsault, Grenache and Syrah – it seduces with its elegant, refined and subtle profile. A decade has passed since the first 3,000 bottles of Miraval 2012 rosé were sold out within a few hours of its launch, and the success continues.

Its delicate color cannot be called pink, because it is so pale and because of its grayish tint that rather resembles the skin of a white onion. Its aroma oscillates between floral and fruity, it is very sweet on the palate and that stands out as its main attribute.

It is ideal as a welcome drink or to harmonize with refined bites and even to serve with an Andalusian gazpacho. It is sold directly at www.lavigne.com.uy

Cellar: Jolie-Pitt & Perrin
Origin: Cotes de Provence
Price: $1,390 – with Itaú $1,043


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