taught English at a local school

(CNN Spanish) — Police in El Salvador arrested the main suspect in the death of a woman in San Diego, California, in 2016. The man was arrested in Sonsonate, where he had been teaching English at a school, the Marshals Service reported Tuesday. of the United States in a statement.

Agents of the National Civil Police (PNC) arrested Raymond Mcleod on Monday, who confirmed his identity and did not resist arrest, according to the statement. The detainee was on the list of the 15 most wanted fugitives of the US Marshals Service and they offered US $ 50,000 for information that led to his capture.

The PNC had not released information about the arrest until Wednesday and CNN is trying to obtain more details about the arrest, about how McLeod came to El Salvador and managed to get a job teaching English in Sonsonate, which is what led to his arrest. identification, according to the US Marshals Service.

The suspect weighs an arrest warrant for the crime of homicide, after his girlfriend was found dead in an apartment in San Diego in June 2016.

According to the statement, San Diego Police determined the victim was last seen alive with the man.

U.S. authorities believe McLeod fled California for Central America through Mexico after the woman’s death, and was known to have been seen in Belize in 2018 and Guatemala in 2017, the U.S. Marshals Service reported.

The statement states that the suspect will be deported to the United States, although it did not say when. CNN is trying to find out if McLeod has legal representation in that country.

On social networks, the United States Embassy in El Salvador thanked the PNC on Tuesday for capturing the suspect so that he “faces justice.”

Merlin Delcid contributed to this report.

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