Taylor Lautner went on an extreme diet for Twilight

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In the mid-2000s, many teenagers were aware of the books and movies of the saga Twilightwhich on the big screen featured the participation of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, as well as Taylor Lautner, the actor who played Jacob Black.

Several years after the sensation caused by the saga of vampires and werewolves, Taylor Lautner recalled his time in Twilight Y revealed that during the years he had to play Jacob he did not have a very good time.

In an interview he gave for Deglazedthe actor mentioned that it was a “nightmare” for him play the young werewolf because he had to take great care of his figure and take him on an extreme diet.

Taylor Lautner mentioned that at the time of making the first film he was 16 years old and that he had to gain 15 kilos of pure muscle to maintain his character, in addition to eating thousands of calories.

“For this small role that I did when I started at 16, I weighed 140 pounds and had to gain 30 pounds of muscle to keep my character. It was a complete dietary nightmare: raw potatoes, turkey burgers, and protein shakes that were basically mud. It was tough, I had to eat 5,000 calories a day to keep the weight off.”

The famous mentioned that this process for several years was very difficult for him, but after finishing with the saga began a much more balanced diet.

He is not the only actor who has undergone this type of diet to maintain the figure for a character, for example, Robert Pattinson, who recently starred in batman, He also had to go on a diet and a strong exercise routine to gain muscle. and play the Dark Knight.


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