Taylor Ryan, Megan Fox’s double who earns thousands of dollars on OnlyFans

In recent days, Taylor Ryan has caused a stir on social media for her extraordinary resemblance to actress Megan Fox. She took advantage of this opportunity to venture into the OnlyFans adult content platform, in which she recreated several scenes of the famous ‘Transformers’ star.

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The 25-year-old British girl has become very popular for sharing several photos in which she shows her resemblance to Fox. There she shows off her black hair, tanned skin, well-marked cheekbones, and blue eyes.

Ryan, who has 55,000 followers on his Instagram account, has begun to gain fame in recent months. It all started when she was offered to recreate the role of ‘Mikaela Banes’ from the famous ‘Transformers’ franchise.

“Someone once asked me to put on the same outfit Megan Fox wears, a bra and jean shorts to bend over the hood and pop it open. They paid $300 for it,” according to the Times Now media outlet.

The influencer took advantage of her “similarity” and reactivated her OnlyFans profile that she had created five years agowhile working as a driver for Amazon and a barista for the Costa coffee chain.

Thus, the woman began to win around 30,000 thousand dollars per month and he explained, for the aforementioned medium, that he never thought that his photos and videos would be so well received by the public and that he would earn so much money in such a short time.

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In statements to the British news agency ‘SWNS’, Ryan confessed that he began to imitate the actress’s characteristic style and makeup after his friends and family pointed out his extraordinary resemblance to the American.

The young woman, who already had her OnlyFans account in 2020, decided that she could exploit her resemblance and win by playing various Megan characters.

“It’s kind of ridiculous when I say I look like Megan Fox, I mean it’s Megan Fox. But people on TikTok started saying it and commenting on my posts. Once the comments started coming in, I started wearing more hair extensions. and to wear a cat’s eye,” he told the British news service.

Furthermore, he revealed in the interview that he has worked quite hard on his OnlyFans profile. Although he confessed that it is lucrative, he admitted that it is a job that requires time and dedication.

As a content creator, Taylor explained that she works late into the night, sometimes as late as 4 a.m. m, all this to be constantly active and connected with her fans: “Late nights suck. It is the feeling that you have to always be aware and committed to the page”.

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The young woman assured that to this day she has not had any legal problem with the actress’s team for recreating her emblematic scenes. In addition, she stated that she is very excited about her project.

Also, several fans on social networks constantly praise her beauty and are surprised by her physical features: “You are identical to the actress from ‘Transformers’,” “You look great, I’m obsessed with your beauty,” “Your eyes are quite expressive,” “Your mitara is the same as Megan’s”, “The resemblance is impressive.”

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