Taylor Swift and Sabrina Carpenter are part of actress Joey King’s dream wedding

one in dream wedding that glare HollywoodWith a touch of a fairy tale, this celebration of love became the envy of everyone. joey king She married a film director steven peet In Majorca, SpainSurrounded by family, friends and guest stars where she stood out Taylor Swift.

A few days ago, the news of the actress’s marriage was made public through a publication. the trend, Which caused a stir on social networks because no one expected this surprising union. was one of the guest singers sabrina carpenter Who, apart from being a part of this special moment, were extremely influential in the event King, carpenter She sang a song in Swedish as her friend walked down the aisle.

Sabrina Carpenter at Joey King and Steve Pete’s wedding. , Credit: El Heraldo Musician

taylor swift blessings

Although it was not public, the guest list was published on social networks by one of a small coin confirmed the presence of Intense , It was immediately removed, but Swifties They captured the moment and celebrated it.

From the list, you can see that Tailor He went in his brother’s company, austin swift, Without a doubt, a special and magical moment for the actress, who also participated in a video clip of the singer.

Words by Joey King

The wedding was very private and that is why it took many people by surprise. The only medium that could be a part of this magical moment the trendWhere the bride’s dress and decorations have also been revealed, which has been a sober and classic style. The following were the words the actress had for her guests:

“It was raining just before the wedding and somehow the sun came up just as the guests arrived. We really were the luckiest people.”

Joey King and Steve Pete’s wedding. , Credit: El Heraldo Musician.

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