Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Are the Latest, But Here Are Our Top 10 Celebrity-Athlete Relationships

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.

It’s possible there isn’t an aspect of sports or pop culture that this pair hasn’t made their way into. It has turned people who couldn’t name the first five NFL franchises into die-hard Kansas City fans – especially if Kelce’s No. 87 jersey is on the field.

Recently, hysteria infiltrated an Inquirer sports editor’s meeting. The discussion centered around Kelce being Swift’s latest boyfriend and their relationship turning into big business and shining a whole new light on the NFL courtesy of a casual fan.

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It inspired this roundtable of sports editors to delve down a rabbit hole of famous athlete-celebrity relationships over the years and the intrigue, excitement and controversy that come with them. After about 20 minutes, we narrowed down a list of the Enquirer’s top 10 most notable celebrity-athlete couples of all time (with a few honorable mentions).

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10. Tony Parker and Eva Longoria

This was the pinnacle of both their careers. Parker was the star point guard for the San Antonio Spurs, while Longoria was busy building her fame as the charming Gabrielle Solis on ABC’s then-hit show, desperate Housewives, Their relationship lasted seven years until Longoria, who once had Parker’s name tattooed on her neck and their wedding date on her wrist, filed divorce papers after his alleged infidelity.

9. Andre Rison and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes

For us millennials, the relationship between Rison, who was a star receiver for the Atlanta Falcons at the time, and Lopes, who was the “L” of the 1990s girl group TLC, is more infamous for the time that Rison Rison’s possessions were thrown into the bathtub of his Atlanta mansion and set them on fire. The fire spread, burning Rison’s $1.3 million mansion to the ground.

8. Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe

She was the “It Girl” of a generation. He was the tough battler of the New York Yankees with his huge fame. The two were Kelce-Swifts of the 1960s, and the relationship has been the subject of countless memes over the years. Not long ago, it was included in the 2022 Netflix biopic “Blonde,” which featured a major reflection on their rocky one-year marriage and eventual friendship.

7. Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez

Remember when these two were very close to getting married in 2021? Well, it was A-Rod who broke the arrangement, telling Martha Stewart via her podcast that he has “no regrets.” But while living together, the couple was in every tabloid from beginning to end.

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6. Kate Upton and Justin Verlander

Justin Verlander is arguably one of the greatest major league baseball pitchers of the last 30 years, but as many people remember him as the boyfriend of Victoria’s Secret model Kate Upton, just as many recognize him for his baseball skills. The two got married in 2017 and are still in a strong relationship.

5. Wilt Chamberlain and Pam Grier

Wilt Chamberlain is reportedly known to have spent time with many supporters since he scored 100 points in his memorable NBA game in Hershey – a record that still stands today. However, one woman who stood out from the rest was actress Pam Grier, whose Foxy Brown character was iconic and remains a symbol of strength to this day. The two dated for a year in 1973, which was also the final year of Chamberlain’s basketball career.

4. David Justice and Halle Berry

There was a time when the Atlanta Braves were the team to beat in Major League Baseball’s National League and their success depended largely on how good a player David Justice was (in addition to the pitching ability of Tom Glavine and John Smoltz, of course). ). But everything Justice did to impress A-list actress Halle Berry caught the attention of not only her but also the pop culture world, who followed the pair’s every move until their 1997 split.

3. Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra

Dennis Rodman’s alleged affair with Madonna was reported in the newspapers, but his engagement and subsequent marriage to Carmen Electra caused a frenzy in the 1990s. Rodman was part of the famous Chicago Bulls teams that won multiple titles under head coach Phil Jackson and was inspired by guard Michael Jordan. Electra was a beloved MTV sensation leading the charts in the 1990s and early 2000s.

2. Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen

The NFL’s best quarterback of all-time meets the most popular Victoria’s Secret model of a generation. The two met and married when they were both in their prime, and while they’re no longer together, their power couple relationship was one that was constantly rekindling, usually with a shot of Bündchen in the suite. Go crazy for Brady play in NFL stadiums.

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1. David and Victoria Beckham

Topping our list are David and Victoria Beckham, or for soccer people, “Bex and Posh.” The two met in the 1990s when David was making a name for himself at Manchester United and Victoria was touring the world as a member of the Spice Girls. They married amidst a lot of scrutiny but are still together. David is the current owner of Major League Soccer’s Inter Miami franchise, while Victoria has maintained it in the fashion world with her signature line of clothing and makeup.

honorable mentions

Honorable Sports Mention: 5. Jose Canseco and Madonna… 4. Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe… 3. Kim Kardashian and (insert athlete here)… 2. Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn (and now Shailene Woodley)… 1. Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union

All-Philly honorable mention game: 7. Nnamdi Asomugha and Kerry Washington… 6. Kobe Bryant and Brandy… 5. Rodney Peet and Holly Robinson… 4. Cole Hamels and Heidi Strobel… 3. Ben Simmons and Kendall Jenner… 2 Heather Mitts and AJ Feely… 1. Zach and Julie Ertz.


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