Taylor Swift becomes most streamed female artist with 100 million monthly listeners

Taylor Swift She has shown us her talent countless times and why she is considered one of the most influential and beloved artists on the entire planet. Suffice it to recall her concerts in Mexico where she broke the record as the first woman to fill the Foro Sol 4 times. The spirit he has spread among his Mexican fans is undoubtedly etched in the hearts of many.

Now she is not only an amazing singer-songwriter but has also proved herself on more than one occasion. to retrieve their songs with the relaunch of their albums with either title Taylor’s Edition on each so you can take control of your music again. Another example is his rivalry with Kanye West or Scooter Braun where he has never been intimidated. On the contrary, she has always been trying to make everything better.

The particular case we will talk about is a case from 2014 in which Taylor Swift decided to remove her music from digital platforms. At the time, many people questioned this, but as the months or years passed, people began to understand that this was a way to defend their music because in the months of testing offered by the platform, Artists and musicians are not paid, giving them a chance to move on. And get stuck so only a great artist like Taylor can change it.

“It’s not about me. I’m on my fifth album and I’m able to support myself, my band and the whole crew by performing live. Artists and bands who just released their first album or single and producers who work tirelessly to innovate and create. Taylor talks about her struggle with platforming.

Always made it clear that it was nothing personal but to raise my voice for all the artistes who didn’t get the royalties they deserved. Making it clear that this is not about wanting to make more money, but about fair practices in the music industry where all this can be regulated in a positive way so that artists are not affected.

This whole fight was so big Eddie Q was in charge of it software And Apple Services noted that Taylor Swift’s requests had been heard and that all artists would receive fair payment for each reproduction. From there, Daniel Ek, the co-founder and CEO of Spotify, also put forth his perspective on the subject, where he denied that artists were not paid fairly for several years of feud from 2014 to 2017.

Just in 2017, it was announced that bringing the singer’s music back to Spotify would end this war, so, Taylor hasn’t had a single day of rest until serving as an example to be fair with new artists. Behavior can be done and the mistakes of the singer can also be known. move on.

Now a few days back she became the most listened female artist in history with 100 million monthly listeners. The Weeknd is in first place with only 10 million more than Taylor, so in the following months he could change that, taking issue with all of the singer’s feuds with platforms and how, despite everything, he’s shown a lot of courage To follow.

Nothing comes easy, just 4 years ago the singer lost her music masters, the previous album didn’t get such good reviews and her mother fell ill with cancer, so it wasn’t just luck, all this Achievements and successes were with her Taylor Swift’s effort and work reinvented herself and showed herself and the world what she is capable of.

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