Taylor Swift comments on Shakira’s 53rd season songs for Piqué at the MTV VMAs

Shakira’s performance at the MTV VMA Awards on September 12 It became history even before it ended. Iconic in its own right, the show that brought together some of the biggest hits of the Colombian’s career also attracted some good reactions that have attracted some attention on the Internet, above all by the name of Taylor Swift, who did so throughout Don’t stop giving moments during the celebration.

According to The New York Times, the American singer – whose musical phenomenon is on par with that of Madonna and Michael Jackson – has gone viral for her videos showing her playing everything she owns. hips don’t lie during the memorial mixture By Shakira. But their faces and Their reactions were present throughout the performanceAnd a complete celebration too.

One of Swift’s most iconic moments was the final song of the performance, session 53, A shot at Gerard Piqué that the Colombian has shared with Argentinian producer Bizarrap. In the performance, Shakira rises from the audience and culminates in a thrilling finale on an elevated stage as the audience chants the hit which has broken countless records since its release.

Swift enjoyed the final moments of the performance With fellow singer Sabrina CarpenterFor friends and initial work eras tour During his time in Latin America. Moments later, the camera captured the interpreter shake it off Discussing the songs from Session 53 with Carpenter,Full of references to Shakira’s former partner and father of her two children, former Catalan footballer Gerard Piqué, and his current girlfriend, Clara Chia.

In the video that went viral on social networks, you can read on Taylor’s lips how she says: “She is 22 years old…”, while she gestures with her hands and raises two fingers, those verses Wants to explain in which the Colombians say:

I don’t even know what happened to you

You’re so weird I can’t even tell you apart

i deserve two out of 22

You replaced the Ferrari with the Twingo

The number 22 has a special symbolism in this sense. too much Shakira and Gerard Piqué were born on February 2, But that is not all. The footballer dedicated the goal to the singer by making the 2 gesture with his hands, the same as Shakira does in the video clip Congratulations,

The phrase ‘I’m worth two 22’ hides another valuable meaning. when pikey started dating Clara Chia was 22 years old and Shakira was twice her age, 44 years old.,

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