Taylor Swift Congratulates New York Graduates After Receiving Honorary Doctorates

Taylor Swift didn’t go to college, but she just received an honorary degree. Star privilege. On Wednesday, the young woman was awarded a doctorate in fine arts, awarded by the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. The opportunity for the 32-year-old singer to inaugurate the graduation ceremony for the new promotion of New York University.

She told how, as a child, she fantasized about the university years that she finally did not know to devote herself, very young, to her musical career: “I always thought that I would go to university, in imagining the posters I would hang on the wall in my freshman dorm. I even shot the end of my clip for my song Love Story in my fantasy fantasy college […] »


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Between humor and confessions, the pop star declared that “the best things of [sa] life” are the fruit of her “mistakes”: “Having almost lost my career gave me an excellent knowledge of all types of wine”, she joked.

Taylor Swift encouraged students not to give in to the pressures of their future professional environment. She herself has often been discredited and ridiculed within the American music industry: “When I became an adult, I was made to understand that if I made no mistakes, all the children of America would become perfect angels. On the other hand, if I did, the whole Earth would fall off its axis, it would be entirely my fault and I would go to prison. »

The famous doctor associated herself with the emotion of young graduates: “Today, you leave New York University, then you go out into the world in search of what awaits you. And me too! »

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