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A Taylor Swift He did not do too well in one of his last film roles: cats. But if something characterizes the artist, it is her tenacity and her willpower to succeed in the discipline that she proposes. For over a decade she has already shown that she is capable of taking her music by storm and now she too wants to make it on the big screen.

And nothing better than trying his luck again in a musical to try to combine his two facets. All the rumors suggest that the American singer would be one of the big surprises of the sequel that Disney is preparing for the live-action movie. cruel. And many have found the ultimate clue to confirm it.

Because during a shot of the first installment starring Emma Stone, a portrait of Taylor appeared on a wall characterized as the possible character that she would assume in this second installment. She would be treated, neither more nor less, than Cruella’s antagonist. That is, a very relevant role for Taylor.

The rumor mill suggests that the pop star “is ready to star in an antagonistic role that we were described as Cruella’s partner” according to the artist’s environment.

Seeing how other music stars have managed to claim their talent also in the cinema (Beyonce, Lady Gaga…) Now it’s Taylor Swift’s turn to do it. Although it will not be immediate, far from it, since the film has not even entered the pre-production phase.

All this taking into account that the rumors are true and that the image we saw in the first Cruella was not a nice wink or a kind of ‘easter egg’ by the film crew. At the moment there is nothing official and until 2023 we will have time to wait for confirmation. It will be then when the production starts that could bring us Emma Stone face to face with Taylor Swift.

Little is known so far about what will be seen in this second part of the film around the figure of the bad girl from 101 Dalmatians. Although, judging by how the first movie ended (spoilers beware) it could very well focus on how Cruella embarks on her adventure as a fashion designer in 1970s London. In addition, the fact that the film contains a post-credits scene in which it is explained how Pongo and Perdi came to the lives of Roger and Anita, respectively, makes us think that this second part could be much more linked to the story told in the animation film. Although, judging by the new image of Cruella, everything indicates that she will have nothing to do with the one that Glenn Close already played in 1996 in the title 101 Dalmatians (More alive than ever).

Until now, the signings that will make up the cast of the second part of Cruella have not been confirmed, although a second part without the protagonist of La La Land as the main character seems inconceivable (and even more so after the success of her performance). So Disney fans keep their fingers crossed that it does. As for Emma Thompson, who plays Baroness Von Hellman, her future in the film could be more uncertain (careful, spoiler) since, after ending up unmasked in front of all the guests at her party, her character could be skipped in a sequel.

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