Taylor Swift directed her first short film


Singer Taylor Swift has made her first short film and now dreams of being behind the camera for a feature film.


Henry Arnaud, New York

Singing career over for Taylor Swift? Certainly not, but at 32, the American star, recently graduatedstarted a new chapter in his life by directing the short film “All Too Well”, which is the name of one of his tracks released, in short version, in 2012. The artist was at the Festival of the Tribeca film, on Saturday, June 11, 2022 at the Beacon Theater in New York, to defend his film.

Why did you start directing?

I’ve been working on film sets for my music videos since the age of 15 and I’ve always been curious to learn the process of directing. I ask questions to directors, technicians, cameramen since my beginnings to absorb as much knowledge as possible. First, I wanted to learn editing. I would sit in the editing room and give advice on how to make changes in my clips.

How did you start this directing process?

It didn’t happen overnight. 10 years ago I started writing scripts for my videos. It was I who contacted the directors to tell them about my ideas. The visual of my songs has always been paramount in my mind, as it is a natural extension of the lyrics I perform. I finally had the courage to direct my first music video for “The Man” (note: published in February 2020) since I wanted a female director and I couldn’t find one.

What does this role of director bring you?

It feels like a natural transition to me, because I always see the story and the images in my head when I write my lyrics. It’s an extension of my creativity. But the transition didn’t happen overnight (laughs). I was afraid of being seen as an impostor, because a lot of people go to film school, not me.

Why did you choose your song “All Too Well” for your first short film with this version of almost 15 minutes?

I love writing about a girl’s transition from childhood to adulthood. Around the age of 19-20, a girl is asked to behave like an adult when she is just emerging from adolescence. It was a test for me. A young woman is still fragile at that time, we are still looking for ourselves. I think you have to be around 30 to have a clear idea of ​​yourself.

Are you going to give up the song for the realization?

I don’t want to have to choose. I hope to make a feature film soon, but I want to find an intimate project, not a blockbuster.

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