Taylor Swift fans break into Golden Boy voting and overturn the classification

singer Taylor Swiftyou may accidentally get Jude Bellingham get up with him golden boy award 2023, And the thing is, social networks are very powerful, just like a devoted fanbase.

FC Barcelona side, alejandro balde, also nominated for the Golden Boy, is one of the other heroes of this story. In an interview conducted by the Spaniard last May, he declared that he did not like american music and, taking advantage of open voting for the award Best Under-21 player in EuropeMany fans took these statements viral and asked ‘Swifties‘Vote for Real Madrid’s player.

Taylor’s fans didn’t hesitate and agreed vote at large In Bellingham, the percentage of English votes went from 30% to 89% in a matter of minutes, and took first place on the list.

This alliance between Judd followers and Taylor Swift fans could see the Englishman become Europe’s best under-21 player, the award he receives Gavi in 2022 and pedro In 2021.

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