Taylor Swift Has Some Favorite Fall Boots (And That’s Why She Pairs Them Nonstop)

Taylor Swift has made the most classic black boots a staple in her mid-season outfits and here we have her sure-fire trick

The singer is able to turn the stage into a catwalk looks like He is a daily source of inspiration for his countless followers and those who are not so much followers. Taylor Swift’s style exudes nostalgic touches adapted to the present without abandoning her personal touch, but if there are any elements that have stood out for which she has stood out recently, they are her black cane shoes,

This footwear is the key to creating the perfect combination for mid-season. Also for those who resist wardrobe changes and boot trends that evolve from year to year. The number of designs is infinite and there is a model for every taste: spacious boots for the most adventurous, biker boots for the most scoundrelsThe Shepherd As excellent festive shoes or even as gaiter boots of equestrian origin, with which Givenchy has plagued Street style. High boots were in trend until they became a basic thing that we use to protect ourselves from cold winter after winter. Now, those who have been crowned queens and to whom the most classic ones go black cane shoes,

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shoes are and will be must have in someone’s closet, not only for its functionality in winter time, but also for its versatility when used with dresses and other summer apparel. Similarly, they make the perfect mix for halftime, they have a name and a nickname: Skirt without stockings and with shoes. And this is not what we say, this is confirmed by Taylor Swift and the people who know the most about fashion.

one more time We return to the headache of climate change, station and, therefore, wardrobe, but this time we have the solution. mini skirt, little black dresses (like the singer of Blank space), pencil skirt and even Shorts They expand their range of usefulness thanks to their combination with high-top boots. Ready! Pick out your favorite shoes and start wearing them now, Make the most of your summer clothes by combining them with these shoes and gently incorporate a touch of autumn. When the temperatures start to drop, add a trench coat or dress coat, like Taylor does on her night out.

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